Those Books You’ll Never Read

You’ve bought them, thinking: “Hmmmm, I’d love to read that!” Then, you came back home and put them on the shelves, with the other books.

And now, you know you’ll never read them. Well, you probably don’t because you maybe don’t even remember you bought them in the first place… And if you do, you’ve read other things, you have other things to read, etc. You get the idea: you’ll never read them

There is one particular book that I know I’ll never get to read… And I certainly have no clue as to why. I know it’s a good book (for kids, though) and I tried many many times to read it when I was younger; I never managed to get past the first chapter. This is L’Enfant et la rivière by Henri Bosco.

L'Enfant et la rivière

In a entirely different note, the two other ones belong to the period when I bought any book about Ireland without any discrimination. I have started them – I’m halfway through in one of them – but I don’t think I’ll get to finish them:

The Catholics of Ulster Wherever Green is Worn

The first one is The Catholics of Ulster by Marianne Elliott. The second one is Wherever Green is Worn by Tim Pat Coogan. Both very interesting books, but I ended up reading something else… Maybe easier to read.

So what are yours? Which books are stored on your shelves and come from time to time haunting you, saying: “Shame on you, you should have read me!”?¶



  1. That's pretty funny, I have exactly the same problem with "l'enfant et la rivière" . I remember clearly the book when i was a kid. My parents told me to read it and I just never could ... Funny...

    As an adult, I have a problem with "La Mort à Venise" by Thomas Mann. I've started and restarted reading this book countless times... I just couldn't pass the 50 first pages ... I ' sure it's a great book though. Maybe someday...

    Have a nice week .


    Angrom · 2005-09-19 07:13 · #

  2. Hi there,

    I remember I had the same issue with that book (must be a curse for the 8 year olds). I think I finally managed to read it though. I am not so sure, though. I would need to read it again to be sure I have read it in a first place. I should get my hand on a copy, though thinking about it I think I have two copies of it at home.

    Anyway, I am pretty sure I'll never read Finnegans Wake (I do not get the play on words with Novergian and Danish :)

    gloolg · 2005-09-20 14:17 · #

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