I’ve been living in Dublin for nearly 6 months and I think it’s the perfect time to draw some interesting conclusions. So here we are! You know you’ve stayed in Dublin for too long when:

  • In the loos of a pub, you accept to wash one hand at a time (the other one pressing the tap because as soon as you release, no water comes out…), with either very hot or freezing cold water;
  • You prepare the exact fare before the bus arrives;
  • A 10-minute delay on the DART line does not surprise you;
  • The North and the South are not separated by the border but by the Liffey;
  • You find it normal to pay 15€ for a plain bottle of French wine;
  • Your main topics of conversation is the price of accomodation and the rain;
  • It is quite normal for a girl to ask you about your man;
  • You give nicknames to the monuments;
  • You think Temple Bar is where the “bloody English” go for their stag/hen parties;
  • You end up eating two sandwiches in a triangular shape at your desk in less than 20 min;
  • You can pronounce the following words correctly: gardaí, rampaí, an lár, taoiseach, dun laoghaire, drogheda, tyrone, áras an uachtaráin, oireachtas. And you know what they mean too;
  • You can explain at least one rule of hurling;
  • The accents from Cork and from the North make you smile.

I’m sure there are some things that I’ve forgotten, but don’t worry, there’s probably more to come.¶


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