I went to see Caché by Michael Haneke at the IFI last night. The theatre was packed: that is pretty amazing how successful French films are here.

I really enjoyed the film. Very dark and filmed in away that makes you feel that there is something wrong in that couple, that the apparition of the tapes ends up revealing. I must admit the violent scene which becomes the peak in the crescendo of the film was a bit of a schock, and you could feel that the audience was really stunned. But, thinking back, it did make sense and everything was leading to that point where Georges (Daniel Auteuil) could not escape his guilt anymore.

I’ll probably have to watch it again some day though, to fully understand every single details.



  1. J'aurais bien aimé voir ce film, mais malheureusement je l'ai raté ... Tant pis on se rattrapera avec un visionnage DVD dans quelques mois ... J'avais bien aimé le précédent Hanneke , La Pianiste, bien pervers et torturé ...

    C'est bien de voir que les films "français" s'exportent un peu hors de nos frontières ...

    Angrom · 2005-11-28 09:27 · #

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