Yahoo! Mail Problems

People have reported issues receiving emails on their Yahoo! inbox for almost a week a now, and it still seems to occur. I myself have reported it, but I suspect that the messages sent to Yahoo! Help are totally ignored as you never get any feedback as to confirm that the request has been submitted, and you never get any answer either.

The error message is the following one:

<>: does not like recipient.
|Remote host said: 550 relaying denied for <>
Giving up on

There’s clearly something gone wrong in their SMTP set up, and it’s more than likely related to that 64 server. I do receive some messages (mainly from mailing lists, thank you very much), which would suggest that other servers are still working fine.

I’ve had this email address for yonks (I opened it in 2000 if my memory serves me right), but never had such a problem. I’m very disappointed. Disappointed by how slow this issue is dealt with, and mostly by the lack of response to users. Now, given the time it takes to sort this out, I’ll probably to have to start thinking about moving on to Gmail, like the rest of youse, even though it pains me to say so…