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Crazy how much you end up reading when you cannot reach any Internet connection… I’ve been away last week in France and I had brought with me a couple of books. Even though I was very busy, I managed to fit a few.

Wilt in Nowhere by Tom Sharpe

Great disappointment, I must admit. I was really looking forward to reading because I had enjoyed the previous ones. But this one was nowhere as funny as the others. The only times I managed to smile were because of references to previous books. I found it a bit gross. Not that it really bothers me, but the comic aspect entirely relies on that, it is quite tiring.

The Magus by John Fowles

Certainly a very intriguing book! Well, even though critics seem to be rather dubious about it, I have been really enthralled. Very mysterious from start to finish: Nicholas Urfe arrives on Phraxos, a Greek island and must face Maurice Conchis, a millionaire playing the “godgame”. A mixture of mythology and psychoanalysis, I have read it rather quickly, even though this is a somewhat big book. I really recommand it, even though I’m pretty sure this isn’t something everybody will enjoy.

L’Automne à Pékin by Boris Vian

I had meant to read it for sometime: I had started to write a novel some years ago, and the beginning of its writing was confusedly intertwined with the first reading of the Automne in my memory. So I had to make sure that I accidentally reproduced the story. Well, there is indeed a something close, especially in the ending, but all in all, no worries. And no surprise, since I love Vian.

Le Joueur d‘échecs by Stefan Zweig

I didn’t know Stefan Zweig before that reading and I must admit it’s been a good reading. It really makes me want to discover Zweig more. And German litterature as well, about which I know very little… Pity really.

Apart from that, no craic really; but the week has just started!¶


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