17 October 2003



I am Sébastien Le Callonnec (tychobrailleur). I live in Ireland. I am a software engineer, working primarily in Java, but in my spare time, I also do a lot of PHP and Ruby. I am passionate about coding, and I also love photography, typography (anything that’s “-graphy”, really), and basket-ball. So Weblogism is about a bit about all this. I used to try to keep to one topic, but I’m a very curious person, and definitely interested in tons of subjects, so don’t expect any logic in here!

A Bit of History

Weblogism started on October 17th 2003 and was initially hosted by stup.org and Nidhogg who kindly offered me to start my very own weblog – probably to let me satisfy my egocentric pulsions. It was then powered by .Text, a .net blog tool. It was a fairly easy-to-use system, but somehow could hardly be customised.

The Design

It now runs on Textpattern, after some fun migration from the now defunct bBlog system.

Visual materials have been created with Inkscape and the Gimp.

Weblogism has also been created thanks to a few dozens pots full of coffee.


Thanks to Lewis Carroll, the Monty Python and Harper Lee after whom the sections of this site have been named – and thanks to Dean Allen after whose “Textism” I made up the name “Weblogism” – to be pronounced like “neologism”, funly enough.

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