Back !

It took no less than 3 months but we’re finally back online. This is a very long story but at the end, just when we decided to go for another ISP and cancelled our “subscription” (you cannot really call that a subscription when you get nothing in return), the phone number automagically changed and the connection was activated. It is still a mystery to whomever listens to that story (there might actually be people triggering all that, after all…), but it is quite a relief, to say the least.

Times have been pretty busy, as you can imagine. Amongst things of interest, I lost my camera; this therefore ruined my plans for the summer… When I get a spanking new one, I’ll tell a bit more… But for the moment, you’ll just have to wait, I’m afraid!

Apart from that, not much. Two links of interest for those interested in typography: one which I have briefly mentionned in my last post, typeFORUM for the ß articles, and, also in German (I’m trying to get my German back), TypeOff, Offenbach’s group for Typography. The site is quite good and has many snapshots of signs in the street. I love it.

In the same vein, I also came across in the most unusual manner: I was crawling a few sites with Nutch when I saw this site being fetched. I particularly like Joe’s weblog, with lots of street pictures. Un régal !


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