Guardian on the Move

The first hint was there: The Guardian is about to go through a redesign. After a quick search, I came across Ian Mayes’ article on the subject.

The paper is about to change to the Berliner format (same as Le Monde‘s):

The editor wants the new paper, in tone and presentation, to separate itself clearly from the middle market in which he sees its closest rivals converging. He believes its new format and appearance will signal that intention.

The typeface will also change:

It will feature throughout, in headlines and text, an entirely new typeface, unique to the Guardian. More of that another time.

Back to Andrew Brown, we learn that the redesign should come out around “Monday 12 or Tuesday 13 September”… and that his literary column is the first casualty. I’m just hoping that the Worm’s Eye View will still come through my email, because that’s a column I really enjoy.

Let’s hope everything will turn out for the best.¶


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