You know what? I have decided to be totally lazy, those last few days. It’s been almost a week since gloolg sent me an email reporting that comments could not be posted anymore on Weblogism.

To be honnest, I am almost… relieved! I have been spammed with hundreds of comments praising my website before inserting an interesting link about how to enlarge my Mars and Venus. I was therefore spending a long time trying to get rid of those comments, deleting one or two comments of interest in the process. So I think I’ll let things be this way until next week-end. It will leave me time to finish The Big Bang by Simon Singh (The Code Book, etc.) that I have started yesterday on the train.

I would also like to greet So who, out of pitykindness, added Weblogism to her links. I really think that the content which has been posted in here lately deserves such honours, but I am quite happy anyhow! But don’t worry, things are about to change as I told you.

So, let’s say I’m on blogolidays—I wish I was in real life, though—and this bug will remain a bit longer. Feel free to complain by email.¶


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