Installing Latin Modern Fonts in LaTeX

The UK TUG FAQ page is a wonderful treasure for anything LaTeX-related, but after I spent quite some time trying to install the Latin Modern fonts on my Ubuntu box, it appears that this entry could do with a bit more details.

First, you obviously have to have a local texmf directory, hashed properly:

mkdir ~/texmf
texhash ~/texmf

You can then stick all your “local” LaTeX files in there (as the TDS spec indicates, it is unclear what “local” means, either any file outside your TeX distribution, or a file created locally. Whatever you prefer, I guess); it is all very well explained there:

Now, I happened to want to install Latin Modern after reading the frenchb documentation (Goodness me, memories, memories…), and the FAQ linked above seemed to be indicating that it was a mere piece of cake. Well, if you happened to download the gzipped tar version of the archive like I did (as opposed to the zip archive), the files are stored like this:


And then, you have the correct tex, doc, fonts structure. These are the folders you must stick right under ~/texmf — the fonts folder right under tex-archive really got me there. You then run as per the FAQ:

updmap --enable Map

(Not sure if this matters — I’m not familiar with updmap yet… — but I ran this in /tex-archive/fonts/lm/). Import lmodern and fontenc with the T1 option, and that should be it.

Now, I’ve not played with LaTeX for quite a long time, but man this looks good…