EuroBasket 2009 — Day 9

Day 9 was the last day of the Qualifying Round.

Once again, I didn’t get to see the match as it was too early. And maybe that’s just as well… Lithuania didn’t manage to shine on the last day. They are leaving the tournament with yet another defeat, this time 10 points against Serbia (79–89). Yes, lots of key players were missing from this group, but it doesn’t explain everything: Lithuania was literally not at the level. The coach already announced he was quitting his position.

Poland did not manage to surprise Spain in the second match. Spain won quite easily, 90–68. Spain will meet France in the quarter finals, a match Vincent Collet is not looking forward to…

Finally, a brilliant match between Turkey and Slovenia. Slovenia have being in the leas for most of the game, but Turkey proved to be a very tough opponent, threatening to break through at key moments. Once again Ilyasova has been amazing, Lakovic and Nachbar also. Turkey missed a last basket in the finishing seconds, leaving them 2 steps behind Slovenia, 67–69 – their first defeat of the tournament. This match confirms all the good things I think of this Slovenian team, but showed also some weaknesses that could have proved fatal had Turkey capitalised on them. Turkey was slightly under their usual tempo, but still very very strong.

Next, then, the Quarter Finals!! All actually very interesting, against old rivals.


Great menu. Let’s hope France will remain undefeated till the end of the tournament… Though that Spain match will be quite hard.