Greystones at Dawn

As you probably know, when shooting landscape, there are two “magic” times: dawn, about 30 min before sunrise, till 30 min after, and dusk. According to Scott Kelby, some magazines do not even consider looking at pictures if they are not taken at either of these 2 times. So this morning I got up at 5 am (something I don’t remember doing willingly in yonks), and headed to Greystones beach. Not that I intend to publish pictures or anything, but I do want nice pictures.

I. Loved. it. Every second of it. The sunrise was amazing, the birds flying around was a real pleasure, the village looked peaceful in the distance, the sea was quite soothing (had I needed soothing at 6 in the morning…), and no one about. Cleared my head, put a big smile on my face, and at first glance, there are one or two focusandshootable pictures in the lot…

The new tripod is awesome. It is very light and though it can sometimes be a bit of a problem, it wasn’t this morning: no wind at all, and I certainly enjoyed its lightness (and its bag) whilst walking around. I used bracketing a bit, but having looked at the result, it appears the correctly exposed picture is the keeper.

Now in the future, I’ll probably have to be a bit more organized: I was lucky enough to wear a coat with large pockets, handy enough to put stuff like lens caps, but dropping a lens in the sand because I forgot to close my camera bag was rather high on the scale of idiocy… Also, I didn’t realise the camera was set to ISO 400, which I’m a bit annoyed about: a bit of a bummer if you use a tripod.