That’s Sweden for You

Since I’m on holidays, Weblogism tends to become very Symphony of the Good Auld Worldish, but that’s great fun, isn’t it? Well, anyway, Ellen and I have planned to go to the cinema tonight to see Big Fish. “Well, pretty easy,” she said, “We’ll book the tickets on the Internet.” Fair enough, she went onto and started to book.

At some point, a little pop-up opened and a Java applet started to run. And here’s what we got:

A visual programme allowing the Internet user to select his/her seat in the cinema

You can just choose your seat within the cinema just by clicking on the right place. Very ergonomic, very quick, very handy. That’s Sweden for you!

Ellen explained to me that she had done that once and the application asked her (with all the Swedish courtesy) if she wanted to send an automatic SMS to her friend telling her about the film, the time and the place. And I thought of all the hassle you get when you want to go and see a film in Chatelet-Les Halles in Paris, crying on all this precious time lost in queueing stupidly.¶


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