San Seriffe Island

Back from holidays and I have to catch up on everything, after having relaxed so much. Here is some piece of information I missed – and I am really really late – and about which I read only today in my daily Irisa typography mailing-list digest: San Seriffe island was celebrating the 22nd anniversary of its discovery.

The Guardian’s article is 5 years old, was published on April 1st as you would expect. Excerpt from the message to the list (excerpted from somewhere else):

The success of this hoax was
largely responsible for the flood of April Fool’s Day jokes that appeared in
other papers in succeeding years. At the Guardian itself the island of San
Serriffe became a running gag in the years to follow. The island reappeared
on April Fool’s Day in 1978, 1980 and 1999. Moreover, each time it
reappeared the island had changed location. It began in the Indian Ocean,
moved to the South China Sea, and ended up in the North Atlantic

Another successful joke was Porchez announcing the closing down of Typofonderie. I wonder if he got a few bobs from it? ;-)


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